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1. Gerunds and Infinitives
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You need to write down 5 of the exercises from above on a piece a paper with the correct answers.Hand the paper in until Wednesday Sep/22/2010.Good Luck..... =0)


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Loja, Ecuador -- Bolivar Street


Activity 1:

1. Take pictures to portray problems in the community.2. Post one of the pictures, and write a paragraph about the problem. (Use Paired Conjunctions and paragraph structure)
Upload picture and write under it the paragraph.

Activity 2:

Create and upload a video about your PET PEEVE.


Upload video.


What are Andrew's top five pet peeves:

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Activity 1:

Find about another endangered animal from Ecuador. Post a picture and write a paragraph about it.


ENDANGERED ANIMALS IN ECUADORSpectacled Bear Tremarctos ornatus

Parque Nacional Poducarpus - Loja, Ecuador


The Spectacled bear is the only type of bear found in South America. They are named due to the distinctive markings around their eyes. These bears are also known as Andean bears. They are found in Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and northern Argentina. Andean bears are endangered and live in cloud forests, mountains and paramo in Ecuador. At the moment, they are facing the consequences of deforestation.




The koala is a small animal that live in trees , they are very similar to a lazy bear and nowadays is in danger of extinction because all humans destroy their environment, is for that reason that they do not have water or food to survive. In my opinion I believe that the government of Ecuador must do something, like build an animal shelter in order to save these wonderful animals.


the turtle is an animal that we can find in Galapagos island. It is beautiful and the colors of this animal are fantastic. This animals are in extinction because people use to sell, but we have to do something because this animals are only in Ecuador. In my own opinion people have to try to take care the we have to create a fundation for extinction animals specially for animimals that are native of ECUADOR.

by:Maria Jose Silva Granda

Andean condor, the ecuadorian national symbol is in danger


The Andean condor is a very special animal. It is the biggest flying bird in the world, but it is also really important for us, Ecuadorians, because it is on our coat of arms. In the last few years, hunters have been killing these animals looking for cures to illnesses or just because they think that condors eat their cows. In Ecuador, only 27 especimens have been found. What means that the Andean condor is almost extinct in our country. According to many biologists, the reason to the disappearance of these birds is that they can not find their food easily, and also to the destruction of their habitat. So, the government of our country has named the Andean condor as national priority. What means that is completely forbidden to hunt these birds. But it is also in our hands to educate people on the respect and love to these beautiful creatures, and to any other animal or plant that is being threatened by us.

By: Stephanie Bayancela

external image moz-screenshot.pngGiant tortoise from galapagos

This kind of animal can be found in Galpagos Islands, They are the bigest tortoises in the world and They can live around 100-150 years. These animals are endangered becuase their habitat is being destroyed because people invade it. Populations have fallen dramatically due to hunting and the introduction of predators by humans since the seventeenth century. Conservation efforts since the establishment of the Galapagos National Park and the Charles Darwin Foundation have met with success, The tortoises are herbivorous animals with a diet comprising cactus, grasses, leaves, vines, and Fruit.
Now These animals are protected, but Everyone has the responsability of helping to conserve these tortoises. Maybe if we can help to survive them, our children would enjoy seeing them in their habitat.

By: Victor Diaz


external image moz-screenshot-2.png

These precious animals, dark brown or brown, have suffered the destruction of their habitat, seriously affecting their populations. They are captured as pets by the grace and charm that show when domesticated. They usually form large groups, same as they are restricted to areas where there is no hunting or human influence.In my opinion we should to care of more the nature for have a better future for ours childs.
By: Christian Macas
external image moz-screenshot.png



The peacocks are the most beautiful birds that Ecuador has.These animals are nice and colorful.Currently, peacocks are being killed by hunters.Not only do they make a problem, but also they are destroying our environment.Peacock's feathers are used to make clothes.Designers can not realize they are killing these innocent birds.People is also killing these birds just to have fun.In conclusion peacocks should be protected and treated well.

By: Priscila Sarango Lapo.


external image loros.gif
Parrots are not only beautiful, but they are also very clever. These animals are hunted to be kept in houses as pets. They are in danger of extintion because people destroy their houses cutting down trees. These animals are very intelligent. However they need special care and also they are a little filthy. Now there a few parrots free in Ecuador. There are some organizations like Podocarpus that take care of these beautiful animals. In conclusion, each person should think a lot before having one.

By: Daniel Alejandro Jaramillo Bermeo



Tapir is an animal that live in the amazon region, it is in danger of extinction because there are many reason such us: forest destruction, indiscriminate hunt because the meat is very delicios. This animal is also considered a distant relative of the horse and the rhinoceros, the tapir has four toes on their feet, have short dark hair but even their offspring may present spots of color in the hair. Currently three of the four species of tapir that remain live in America.

By: Leidy Japon

Ecuador has anacondas in the rain forest and they hunt other animals and peaple in my opinion is that peaple should stay away from snakes for ther own life.Anacondas like to swim in the river alot they are good swimers.Also andaconadas like to sleep alot mostly on trees or sometimes on the groud.They are fast on the water and they are slow on the groud

These animal is in extinction because the human beings we are cuting the trees ... and hunting to use his skin so now we don't have enough deer to Pocodarpus Park are a few deers. Also this animal is use like a pet...I don't if the people who are entrusted of protecting these animals they do something to prohibit...I think we have to take because in the future ours childrens when they will ask about this animal...we only show in photos...or maybe the zoos has a few deers...As a conclusion, if we see a person who is hunting or destructive their environment deman!!! to the police. By: Ariana Luna.===



The Puma is an animal that live specially on mountains and sometimes on the jungle.They are in danger because they are mammals that are very beatiful and for that reason many people hunt it, other reason is the deforestation and contamination in their habitad.I think the people have to think a lot before kill this animal for the reason that this animal represent Loja and specially Ecuador.The National Park Podocarpus try to save this animal because it's oring on Loja and only exist 30.000 Pumas freedom in Ecuador.

By: Leonel Sarasti


The jaguar is an endangered animal in Ecuador, the reason is that the foerest where they live are destroy or exploted for the oil. This animal specially lives in Amazonia but also sometimes in forest like Podocarpus, this animal specially eat small animals like mice and birds.This is a beautiful animal that could disappear if we don`t take care them. The recomendation is that we stop the hunting of this animal and try to conservate the enviroment clean.

By: José Luis Sarasti

Sharks endangered of Extinction
external image fish2.jpg

We can find these animals all over the world. They are very aggressive, destructive and famous for it’s beauty but unfortunally many sailors are killing them because their dorsal fins are used as an ingredients for shark fin soup. Their fins are cut off and the sharks are thrown back into the sea while they still living. Selling shark fins must be illegal because it is inhumane and unacceptable. Some people think that shark fin soup is delicious. However, sharks must not be killed only for their fins it's inappropriate and its causing the extinction of this animal. To sum up people should not hurt any animal because nowadays exist a lot of organizations that protect and preserve endangered animals.

BY : Yuliana Carolina Guarnizo S.


Blue- footed booby.Their scientific name is “sula nebouxi”.These animals are tropical marine birds that live in edges of Galapagos Islands. These birds measure is between 91 and 152 cm, and their weigh is between 3 and 5 pounds. They live around 17 years. These birds have long neck and wonderful blue legs .The feathers in their wings are brown and in their head and neck, brown with black lines. They are in danger of extinction because in their habitat exist a lot of rodents that damage their nests. For that reason is important that all people help Galapagos islands to protect this exotic animals.



BEAR OF GLASSES is in danger

The bear of glasses is one the animals that are in danger, and also is the only existent species of bears in America of the South. But now most of they are disappearing this problem is because humans kill them to use their fat, skin and meat to sell. But it is not the only problem, because humans also destroy their habitat. With this kind of things we are contributing to destroy our planet. So think very well before do something like this.


The armadillo is an animal that we find in most of South America. This animal is endangered, because the only predator is the man who hunted to use their shell as decoration, and their meat is a exotic food. They are insectivores and also, very important because they eat bodies of dead animals, if they do not eat the bodies of animals we would have more illnesses.
By: Anthony Paredes.



Guacamayos are very intelligent, beautiful and clever animals that live in tropical jungles. They are endangered, because people keep them in cages and they are victims of the narcotrafication. For all of this, they have been kept in very big areas with all the necesary services. For example here in Loja there are some in the municipal zoo. In conclusion, there has to be more extrict rules that protect this fantastic specie for the next generations.

By: Jose Jachero

Black-breasted Puffleg

Have you ever heard about Black-breasted Puffleg? It is a critically endangered bird that can be found only in Ecuador. It inhabits humid, wet, cloud and high forests of Pichincha, Imbabura and Esmeraldas. Its main threat is the felling of forest for timber and charcoal. Although some conservation organizations have protected some areas of its habitat, there are just 210 – 268 species left. In conclusion, this endemic bird can disappear due to its habitat is being destroyed in many ways.

Written by Stellamaris Sotomayor B.
T.w: 80

Activity 2:

Post a video of your pet and write a paragraph about your pet.


It is my pet. Its name is Rambo. It is two months. Its coat is brown and white. It is small. it is adorable, friendly, good with people and other pets and loyal. It is easy to care for. It like to play with other animals. It like to play with toys. it has one brother. The mother´s name is Pinina. In conclusion It is very adorable and it is my best friend.
BY: Christian Macas


Golden Retriever Dogs are pets pretty affectionates, gentles, loyals and adolables. These dogs are especial for children because they like to play all time, they have a spectacular intelligence their personality are very special because they can not live alon, they should not be left living in a house without people, it is possible that they die too early because they need company. In my experience this dog give me a lot of fun and a beautiful experience because we had lived good and bad moments, every day I had been getting benefits moments, I can remembered when she was sick it was a bad moment for me, but now she had been felt saket, she like to eat a lot of homemake food, but I try no to give any of that I prefer to feed just with Dogs food, she like to play with my other dog she almots never leave to play with me, she had learnd to sit down, when we were in zamora she enjoyed swimming in the river it was very funny because she like to take a shower, she had taken a shower at less four or five times in this day. In sumary she is very important in our live special in my, because is a good balance live with her.

By: Leidy Japon

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